About Us

CY Engineering & Services
Established in 1981, Ace Home Maintenance & Trading offers primarily plumbing and repair services.  Over the years, our company has established itself as a reliable and competent service provider to Landed Properties, Condominiums, Commercial Buildings & HDB Apartments.  In 2000, the company was renamed CY Engineering and is now a market leader offering one of the most comprehensive range of Repair, Renovation and Handyman services.

CY has established unparallel service standard and is now widely recognized by the “CY Quality & Reliability” Logo and the “Mr Friendly Handyman” Icon.

In CY, we take pride to apply Fair Business practice by providing Quality Service at Competitive Price to meet our Customers’ needs and expectations.

Through our customers’ satisfaction and their word of mouth, we received many new referrals.

To maintain its leadership as the best organized and professionally managed Service Company in Singapore to provide quality service to our customers.

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