Q. What are the differences between CY Engineering Services and others general contractors?
CY offers One-Stop Shop with a complete range of services. No more hassles having to deal with multiple parties. CY promise to take on complex projects to the smallest job like drilling a hole on the wall that not many companies are willing to undertake.

Q. Who runs the business?
A. CY is managed by professionals with key emphasis on work professionalism and fair business dealings. The company differentiates itself from the General Contractors or Part-Timers that you may have the opportunity to experience before.  Our priority is to have satisfied customers and to maintain long term relationship.  We believe offering good services will be rewarded with more referrals from our existing customers.

Q. How do I know the cost of the repairs?
A. Our experience supervisors will make a “No Obligation” site survey at your premise to provide solutions and free quotation.  This is to let you know exactly how the job is done and the repair cost.  For small jobs that could be done on the spot, CY provides verbal quote first for approval before proceeding.

Q. How to I schedule a service appointment when I am working?
We understand customers’ busy schedules.  To suit them, we schedule our teams to work on Saturday from 8.30am to 7.30pm and beyond if required.  Many of our regular repeat customers trust us to do the repairs with their maid’s or grandee’s presence or supervision.

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