Price List
Our price list serves as a general guide.  Detailed quotation is made available for customer review and consideration.  Customer is informed on the extent of the work involved and the cost before work will be carried out.

Replace Septic Tank Siphon $80
Clear Choke from $50
Replace PVC Bottle Trap $30
Replace Toilet Spray $30

Replace Socket Power $35

Repair Lighting fault from $20

Replace Sliding Door Roller:  $35

Replace & Align Hinge from $15

Replace Window Hinges
1 Pair $90

Install Magnetic
Catch $15

Install Wall Fan from $30

Replace Lockset from $30

Install, Repair Water Heaters.

Renovation & Redecoration.

Painting or Cleaning

Roofing & Gutter Management.

Waterproofing & Leakage Management.

Install, Polish Various Floorings.

Roof Management

Grill & Window Installation

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