Our Services
CY Engineering & Services provides professional Handyman, Repair, Home Maintenance, Renovation and Re-decoration services to Property Owners, Property Managing Agents, Housing Agents and Tenants living in rented properties.
Our teams are multi-skilled professional that enable us to offer One-Stop shop service to our customers.  We can do hundreds of different jobs.

These capabilities help customers to minimize the hassle of sourcing for multiple unfamiliar contractors and faced with host of issues such as unskilled, hidden cost, co-ordination, control, scheduling, etc. By us performing multiple tasks under one company actually benefit the customer with a much lower cost.

Service Quality…
Our business and service is guided by our 4 markers. These have help us to deliver the service quality to our customers. 

Best Business Practice

  1. Fair Business Dealing
  2. Good After Sales Service
  3. Cost Effective Solution
  4. Courteous And Polite


No Job Too Small Or Too Big,
No Job Too Difficult Or Too Simple,
You Name It, We Can Fix It !

Our Teams

CY Teams are highly
Motivated & Experienced
to Deliver our hallmark: QUALITY.

Our Slogan…

Quick Response, Quality Workmanship, Reliable Service, Fast Delivery, Cost Effective, Total Satisfaction.

Work Process…
We offer systematic work process to ensure satisfactory service delivery.


  1. Our qualified professional conducts site inspection.
  2. Identify and share with customer the best approach for the repairs
  3. Generate free quotation for customers review & acceptance.


  1. Check customer availability; arrange work schedule.
  2. Carry out the required repairs / scheduled work.
  3. Tidy & clean up work area.
  4. Customer inspects completed work.

Post Work:
  1. Gather feedback or referrals.
  2. Provide hotline support and free consultation.

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