Industrial Support

CY Engineering & Services actively supports Real Estate Agents, Condominium Managing Agents, Commercial Office Management Managers, etc. We take their property related problems and headaches off their hands so they can have more time to focus on more important matters.

Real Estate Agents
Property Agents often face difficulties closing deals because there are minor defects in the property being transacted. CY offers support to resolve and make good these defects. We assist Property Agents to manage the followings:
  1. Aesthetic→ Complete Make Over, Spring Cleaning, Fresh Paint…
  2. Stains→ Plug Leaks From Roof, Ceiling, Walls, Toilets, Bath Tubs…
  3. Power→ Correct Trips, Supply To Lights, Aircon, Water Heaters…
  4. Chokes→ Clear Drains, Gutters, Sinks, Basins, Toilets, Showers…
  5. Tears→ Fix Broken Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Chairs…
  6. Floors→ Remove Stains, Polish Marble, Grind & Varnish Parquet…
  7. 7. Cleanliness→ Water Jetting, Through Cleaning, Clear Drains, Trash Hauling…(remove Trash Hauling)
  8. Problems→ Resolve And Put Right Any Difficult Problems Immediately...
We are supporting many Property Agents from Knight Frank, OrangeTee, Deans, Global, HSR, PropNex, Dennis Wee, ERA, DTZ, LandPlus, Territory, Propmax…

Condominium Managing Agents
CY works closely with Managing Agents in-charge of Condominiums. We offer a wide range of skilled and quality services to minimize their load so they can focus on more critical issues and running the estate well.

Child Care & Education Center Operators
We support many Education Centers to meet their unique repair and maintenance requirements. Examples of some works done are:
  1. Drilling with dust extractor to minimize flying particles.
  2. Maintain proper air circulation & ventilation.
  3. Install & maintain lighted & battery back-up Fire Exit signage.
  4. Repair or replace child size toilet facilities.
  5. Provide safety measures against slamming doors, slippery steps, etc.
  6. Resolve rain water seepage into the center.
  7. Install fire hose reel.
  8. Install CCTV, Intercom, and magnetic operated door system.
Commercial Office Managers
CY supports commercial office managers with their need for minor maintenance and adhoc repairs.  To help minimize office managers’ headache, our “All-in-One, A to Z” handyman service is a boom for them. Some of the services include:
  1. Changing light bulb and tubes,
  2. Maintain Split Aircon Units,
  3. Replace door or desk locks,
  4. Fix broken furniture, chairs, desk drawers,
  5. Fix power supply, switches, sockets,
  6. And many more…
Property Owners & Tenants
CY offers cost effective maintenance service program to property owners or tenants for “Peace of Mind”.   With a properly maintained and kept in good condition property ensures their valuable(change to Value) will remain high.  Some of the services we offer to owners and tenants are:
  1. Regular Aircon Servicing,
  2. Clear Chokes & Leaks,
  3. Replace Water Heaters,
  4. Doors cannot close properly,
  5. Change Lighting Fixtures,
  6. Solve Power Trips,
  7. Annual Spring Cleaning,
  8. All Type Of Repairs Within The Household, etc.
We also assist owners / tenants to remove(remove change to rectify) any defects cum spring cleaning before hand-over to tenant and vice versa at the end of the tenanted lease.

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