We welcome customers’ feedback or testimonial. This is to enable us to further improve ourselves to serve our customers better.

“ I  have a concealed pipe leakage and after 3 contractors, they failed to solve the problem. CY repaired it.  I find CY Engineering different from other contractors.  Very professional and friendly team. They also managed to find a replacement part for my lamps” … Thomson

" CY provides good ideas and done a good job at my house.  I had referred them to my brother and they are happy with my recommendation”. … Cashew Crescent

"The technicians were professional and courteous. Clean up well after completing the work. After many repairs over time, the relationship is very strong.  Will recommend to all my friends.” Higate

“A great job! You can fix any thing. Thanks for making it look easy!"… Bukit Timah

"I was trying to get my newly purchased house into presentable shape for rental. CY did all the repairs, grind the parquet floor, installed new light fixtures, fixed leaks in the shower and patched up holes in my walls and did the general cleaning. I would give CY my highest recommendation."…Namly

"Prompt-Efficient-Professional. I could not ask for a better performance, the work was very well done."…Sunset

"CY exceeded my expectations. The technician was able to fit all the spare parts I bought and only charge me for the workmanship. Thanks for your help." …Mandarin Garden

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