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Over the years, we had gathered many ideas or handy tips. We hope to share the tips for those who need it.

You may contribute your tips to be shared with others. We reserve our rights to edit & decide whether to post it. CY hold the rights to all the tips published.

Keeping Mould at Bay

Mould may be present in every household due to high humidity environment. Mould, fungus and mildew tend to grow in dark, warm and moist places. Good housekeeping practice can minimize mould from starting or spread.
Aircon should be normal serviced regularly and chemical cleaned once every 18 months to minimize circulation of mould spores.
When after using the aircon, it is best to ventilate to reduce the water condensation on the walls & behind furniture.
Keep place dry especially the toilets(after shower) by mopping or wipe dry. Never leave wet areas continuously wet for extended period. Any prolonged wet areas are the “feed” for mould to grow.
Use multi surface antibacterial spray to wipe hard surfaces. Try to minimize water wipe as the water used add moisture to the areas being cleaned.
For areas like toilets that has high humidity(warm water shower) better to paint Anti Mould paint for walls & ceiling.

Choked Basin

Choked basin is common. Hair(in most cases) is the cause. Many will purchase “Clog/drain remover, drain pipe cleaner, etc.” to DIY.
Do not leave the corrosive chemical in the basin for extended period. The metal bottle trap will develop “holes” and leak occurs.
We recommend to use the Rubber Plunger to physically remove any obstruction. Pull the plunger instead of pushing it.

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